North Lancashire Wildlife Group

Started 40 years ago, the Group (NLWG) is a designated ‘Local Group’ of Lancashire Wildlife Trust and works to benefit wildlife in various ways.

It offers monthly indoor wildlife talks in autumn and winter, and organises wildlife walks in spring and summer. Centred on the Lancaster district, it serves the adjacent areas of Lancashire, South Cumbria and North Yorkshire, although the field events also regularly attract people from further afield.

NLWG does not have its own membership but is open to all members of the Wildlife Trust. In practice, it welcomes everyone to its events with the hope that they will eventually want to join the Trust. People come on the wildlife walks for different reasons: some enjoy an easy-going walk while hearing about the wildlife that we look for and see, some are wildlife photographers and some record species.

Another way that the Group tries to promote and encourage interest in wildlife is with the production of an annual wildlife magazine (the NLWG Newsletter). Begun in the early eighties as a few typed sheets circulated to members, the present-day Newsletter has grown to about 60 A4 pages with over 40 reports and articles and with well over 200 wildlife photographs to illustrate them. It includes reports by Wildlife Trust officers, reports on taxonomic groups, field event reports and a range of miscellaneous wildlife articles. Invertebrates are very well represented throughout. The full Newsletter Contents can be seen on our website.

As well as supporting local initiatives in whatever ways it can, NLWG also has a small library for regular members. Details of the library as well as current events can be found on the NLWG website and anyone wanting a copy of the Newsletter will also find much more information there.

Contact: Rob Zloch,

Field event on the River Kent