Beginner’s guide to identifying British Tenthredo Book
Beginner’s guide to identifying British Ichneumonids Book
Trichoptera larvae of Finland : identification key to the caddis larvae of Finland and nearby countries Book
British grasshoppers and their allies Book
An introduction to centipedes, millipedes & woodlice CD
Nearctic flies of the family Periscelidae (Diptera) and certain Anthomyzidea referred to the family Journal
The Moths Of Clywd Report
Britain’s Green Mantle: Past, Present and Future Book
Psocids as global pests of stored products Book
British plant galls Book
Insects of the Sefton coast. Book
The resin and wool carder bees (Anthidiini) of Europe and Western Turkey : identification, distribution, biology. Book
Pocket guide to the bumblebees of Great Britain and Ireland. Book
Bees of the world : a guide to every family. Book
Ants : the ultimate social insects. Book
British coleoptera : biographies, collection, sources. Book
Atlas of the centipedes of Britain and Ireland Book
Harvestmen of the British Isles Folded card
Adult caddis (Trichoptera) of Britain and Ireland : a practical guide. Book
Freshwater invertebrates in Central Europe : a field guide Book
Families of flies with three pulvilli : field guide northwest Europe Book
British and Irish stoneflies (Plecoptera) : keys to the adults and larvae Book
Fungus gnats (Diptera: Mycetophilidae: Mycetophilinae) Book
Bulletin of the Dipterists Forum. No. 93. Spring 2022 Journal
Garden bugs and beasties Leaflet
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