Active Specialist Recorders

Local active recorders (VC58-60) known to the Tanyptera Project are (with permission) named below to provide an indication of recorder and iRecord verification coverage, and to facilitate contact with County Recorders. Where there are numerous recorders for groups such as butterflies, moths, dragonflies and ladybirds, individuals are not named. We are grateful for advice on any updates, omissions, errors or suggestions for improvements. 

Taxon groupCurrent County / VC RecordersOther known active specialist recordersiRecord VerifiersNotes
Sponges (Porifera)
Flatworms (Turbellaria)
Nematodes - free-living spp.
Nematophora - horsehair worms
Molluscs (terrestrial & aquatic)Chris FeltonNational: Chris Du Feu (Slugs), Ben Rowson (Snails)
Earthworms & Leeches (Annelids)Angela LidgettNational: Keiron Brown
Earthworm taxon-specific iRecord form
Acarines (Acari)Frank Monson (oribatids)
Ticks (Ixodida)National Scheme Organiser:
Public Health England's Medical Entomology Group. Email:
Spiders (Araneae)VC58: Richard Gallon (area organiser for BAS)Chris Felton
Tony Hunter
Steve Priestley

Local: Rich BurkmarPurseweb spider taxon-specific iRecord form
False scorpions (Pseudoscorpiones)VC58, 59, 60: Rich Burkmar (area organiser for BAS)Chris Felton
Richard Gallon
Tony Hunter
Steve Priestley

National: Liam Andrews
Harvestman (Opiliones)VC58, 59, 60: Rich Burkmar (area organiser for BAS)Chris Felton
Richard Gallon
Tony Hunter
Steve Priestley
Angela Lidgett

Local: Rich Burkmar
Woodlice (Oniscidea)Chris Felton
Nicola Garnham
Angela Lidgett
National: Thomas Hughes
Millipedes (Diplopoda)Chris Felton
Nicola Garnham
Angela Lidgett
National: Steve Gregory
Centipedes (Chilopoda)Chris Felton
Nicola Garnham
Angela Lidgett
National: Steve Gregory
Simple-tails (Protura)
Springtails (Collembola)Thom Dallimore
Ben Deed
Steve McWilliam
Two-tailed bristletails (Diplura)
Silverfish (Thysanura)
Mayflies (Ephemeroptera)Ian WallaceNational: Craig Macadam
Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata)VC58: Chris Meredith, John Roberts
VC59 & 60: Steve White
NumerousLocal: Chris Meredith, Steve WhiteTaxon-specific iRecord forms.
Stoneflies (Plecoptera)Ian WallaceNational: Craig Macadam
Grasshoppers and Crickets (Orthoptera)Jon Delf
Phil Smith
Allen Holmes
National: Ralph HobbsGrasshopper and allies taxon-specific iRecord form
Cockroaches (Dictyoptera)National: Ralph Hobbs
Earwigs (Dermaptera)National: Ralph Hobbs
Barkflies (Psocoptera)Phil Brighton
Keith Fowler
Arron Watson
National: Keith Fowler
Biting lice (Mallophaga)
Anoplura - sucking lice
True bugs (Hemiptera)VC58, 59, 60: Steve JuddPete Brash
Phil Brighton
Keith Fowler
Steve Garland
Gary Hedges (shieldbugs)
Phil Smith (shieldbugs)
Clive Washington
Keir Flowerdew (aphids)
National: Maria Justamond & Tristan Bantock (Terrestrial Heteroptera - Shieldbugs and allies), Alan Stewart & Claire Harkin (Leafhoppers), Kevin Rowley (Aquatic Bugs), Jim Flanagan (Plant Bugs and allies)
Thrips (Thysanoptera)
Alderflies (Megaloptera)VC58,59,60: Steve GarlandIan Wallace
Lacewings (Neuroptera)VC58,59,60: Steve GarlandTony HunterLocal: Steve Garland
Snakeflies (Raphidioptera)VC58,59,60: Steve GarlandTony HunterLocal: Steve Garland
Scorpion flies (Mecoptera)VC58,59,60: Steve GarlandTony HunterLocal: Steve Garland
Beetles (Coleoptera)VC58,59,60: Don Stenhouse
VC58: Andy Harmer (aquatic beetles)
Ralph Atherton
Pete Brash
Steve Garland
Gary Hedges (limited families)
Clive Washington

Local: Don Stenhouse
National: Several scheme organisers are engaged with iRecord verfiication.
Several ladybird recorders. Glow-worm and ladybird taxon-specific iRecord forms.
Fleas (Siphonaptera)
Caddisflies (Trichoptera)VC58,59,60: Ian WallaceNational: Ian Wallace
Butterflies (Lepidoptera)Cheshire: Rupert Adams
Lancashire & Merseyside: Laura Sivell
Greater Manchester: Peter Hardy
Moths (Lepidoptera)VC58: Dave Maddy (all species)
VC59:Richard Walker (macro-moths), Stephen Palmer (micro-moths)
VC60: Justine Patton (macro-moths), John Girdley (micro-moths)
NumerousLocal: Steve Hind (VC58), Stephen Palmer (VC60)County Recorder network long established. Most recorders submit directly to CRs or via MapMate
True Flies (Diptera)VC58,58,60: Glenn Rostron (Syrphidae & Dolichopodidae), Phil Brighton (all other families)Alan Bedford
Pete Boardman
Pete Brash
Thom Dallimore (mosquitoes)
Steve Garland
Nicola Garnham (hoverfly larvae)
Ken Gartside (Syrphidae)
Jane Hewitt
Pete Kinsella (Syrphidae)
Tom Mawdsley
Rob Zloch

Local: Glenn Rostron (Dolichopodidae)
Various national including Phil Brighton (Anthomyiidae)
In addition, there are several photographic recorders using iRecord facebook groups: UK Hoverflies, UK Hoverflies Larval Group, UK Diptera, Calliphoridae, Rhiniidae, and Poleniidae Recording Scheme, Conopids, British Soldierflies and Allies. Some schemes are not yet actively verifiying records via iRecord. See for details.
Bees, Wasps, Ants, Sawflies (Hymenoptera)VC58: Tony Parker (aculeates)
VC59: Ben Hargreaves (aculeates) and Karen McCartney (aculeates)
VC60: Ben Hargreaves (aculeates)
Chloe Aldridge (aculeates)
Hilary Bedford (parasitica)
Pete Brash
Richard Dawson (aculeates)
Leanna Dixon (aculeates)
Allen Holmes (bees)
Tony Hunter (parasitica)
Pete Kinsella (aculeates)
John Wright (bees)
Local: Ben Hargreaves
National: Andgrew Green (sawflies), Stuart Roberts & Matt Smith (Aculeates), Gavin Broad (Parasitica), Mike Fox (Ants)
In addition, there are several photographic recorders using iRecord and the Bees, Wasps and Ants Facebook Group
Galls (various orders)Steve McWilliam
Hilary Bedford
Stylops (Strepsiptera)
Freshwater speciesDave Bentley
Aaron Watson
Tackling several ordersPete Brash
Steve Garland
Steve McWilliam
Dave Bentley