Month: November 2022

Invertebrate Notes November 2022

Oxypoda induta (Staphylinidae), Woolston Eyes, VC58, 1/11, C. Washington. Possible first VC58 record. Found in Phragmites litter. 26 scattered records on NBN Atlas from England, including 2 from Merseyside. Myrmecocephalus concinnus (Staphylinidae), Jacksons Brickworks LNR… Read more »

Invertebrate Notes October 2022

Strigamia maritima (Linotaeniidae), Heysham Head, VC60, October, N. Garnham. Found only at the top of the shore, around the High-Water Spring stand line on the seaward side of the shingle bank. Although generally common around… Read more »