Past Workshops

Webinars can be viewed on our YouTube Channel by clicking on the titles.

5th October 2023Wasps WebinarZoomLiam CrowleyTanyptera Project
28th September 2023Slugs WebinarZoomImogen CavadinoTanyptera Project
22nd September 2023Harvestmen WorkshopLeighton MossPaul RichardsTanyptera Project
21st September 2023Woodlice WorkshopLeighton MossPaul RichardsTanyptera Project
27th January 2023Money Spiders WorkshopWorld MuseumRichard GallonTanyptera & BAS
22nd FebruaryLacewings & Allies WorkshopWorld MuseumJames JepsonTanyptera Project
3rd & 4th August 2023Beetle Families WorkshopWorld MuseumDan AsawTanyptera Project
29th & 30th July 2023Solitary Wasps WorkshopNess GardensIan CheesboroughTanyptera Project
15th and 16th July 2023Dragonflies & Damselflies WorkshopRixton Clay PitsTony ParkerTanyptera Project
1st June 2023Spider Families WebinarZoomRichard GallonTanyptera Project
27th May 2023Bee Identification & Recording WorkshopHeysham Nature ReserveLeanna Dixon & Chloe AldridgeNLWG
21st May 2023Stonefly WorkshopWorld MuseumCraig MacadamTanyptera Project
20th May 2023Mayfly WorkshopWorld MuseumCraig MacadamTanyptera Project
4th May 2023Bug Assemblages WebinarZoomJim Flanagan & Tristan BantockTanyptera Project
22nd & 23rd April 2023Mining Bees WorkshopWorld MuseumLiam OldsTanyptera
17th April 2023Springtails WebinarZoomPeter ShawTanyptera Project
18th & 19th February 2023Braconid Wasp WorkshopWorld MuseumMark Shaw & Gavin BroadTanyptera
3rd February 2023Mayflies WebinarZoomCraig MacadamTanyptera Project
11th December 2022Plant Bugs & Ground Bugs WorkshopWorld MuseumJim FlanaganTanyptera Project
26th November 2022Flesh Flies WorkshopWorld MuseumNigel JonesTanyptera Project
14th October 2022Ants WorkshopWorld MuseumGary SkinnerTanyptera Project
6th October 2022Ants WebinarZoomGary SkinnerTanyptera Project
8th September 2022Plant Galls WorkshopMarbury Country ParkTony ParkerTanyptera Project
1st September 2022Plant Galls WebinarZoomPeter ShirleyTanyptera Project
6th & 7th August 2022Dragonflies in the Field WorkshopRixton Clay PittsTony ParkerTanyptera Project
9th July 2022Bumblebees in the Field WorkshopNess GardensTony ParkerTanyptera Project
28th May 2022Urban Site Management for Invertebrates WorkshopNew Ferry Butterfly ParkHilary Ash & Paul LoughraneTanyptera Project
26th & 27th May 2022Solitary Bee WorkshopEdge Hill UniversityLiam OldsTanyptera Project
18th May 2022Garden Insects & their Habitats WebinarZoomGail AshtonTanyptera Project
7th April 2022Managing Urban Sites for Invertebrates WebinarZoomHilary Ash & Paul LoughraneTanyptera Project
31st March 2022Spider-hunting Wasps WebinarZoomGary SkinnerTanyptera Project
19th & 20th March 2022Earthworms WorkshopWorld Museum/Chester Zoo EstateKeiron BrownTanyptera Project
16th March 2022Rove Beetles WorkshopWorld MuseumDon StenhouseTanyptera Project
17th & 18th February 2022Ichneumonidae subfamilies WorkshopWorld MuseumGavin BroadTanyptera Project
2nd December 2021Grasshoppers & Crickets WebinarZoomBjorn BeckmannTanyptera Project
26th November 2021Ant WorkshopWorld MuseumTony ParkerTanyptera Project
25th November 2021Adult Caddisflies WebinarZoomIan Wallace & Sharon FlintTanyptera Project
19th November 2021Hoverfly WorkshopWorld MuseumGlenn RostronTanyptera Project
17th November 2021Sawfly WorkshopWorld MuseumAndrew HalsteadTanyptera Project
13th November 2021Apionidae Weevils WorkshopWorld MuseumMark GurneyTanyptera Project
30th October 2021Money Spiders WorkshopWorld MuseumRichard GallonTanyptera Project
22nd October 2021Keeping a Diptera Collection WorkshopWorld MuseumNigel JonesTanyptera Project
11th September 2021Spider ID in the Field WorkshopRixton Clay PitsRich BurkmarTanyptera Project
9th September 2021Craneflies WebinarZoomPete BoardmanTanyptera Project
26th August 2021Lesser-Known Invertebrates WebinarZoomPaul RichardsTanyptera Project
29th July 2021Ground Beetles WebinarZoomChris FosterTanyptera Project
10th June 2021Entomological Field Techniques Part 2: Pantheon Analysis WebinarZoomPete BoardmanTanyptera Project
3rd June 2021Entomological Field Techniques Part 1 WebinarZoomPete BoardmanTanyptera Project
20th May 2021Caddisfly Larvae WebinarZoomIan WallaceTanyptera Project
5th May 2021Cavity Nesting Solitary Bees WebinarZoomRon RockTanyptera Project
29th April 2021Harvestmen Part 3 WebinarZoomPaul RichardsTanyptera Project
22nd April 2021Harvestmen Part 2 WebinarZoomPaul RichardsTanyptera Project
15th April 2021Harvestmen Part 1 WebinarZoomPaul RichardsTanyptera Project
10th April 2021Money Spiders WebinarZoomRichard GallonTanyptera Project
1st April 2021Identifying Woodlice WebinarZoomPaul RichardsTanyptera Project
31st March 2021Shieldbugs & Allies WebinarZoomTristan BantockTanyptera Project
25th March 2021Introduction to WoodliceZoomPaul RichardsTanyptera Project
19th March 2021Mining Bees WebinarZoomTony ParkerTanyptera Project
5th March 2021Making & Keeping a Diptera Collection WebinarZoomNigel JonesTanyptera Project
27th February 2021Centipedes WebinarZoomPaul RichardsTanyptera Project
19th February 2021Nocturnal Ichneumonoid Wasps WebinarZoomGavin BroadTanyptera Project
2nd February 2021Micro-moths Field Signs WebinarZoomBen SmartTanyptera Project
19th December 2020Soldierflies & Allies WebinarZoomMartin HarveyTanyptera Project
2nd & 9th December 2020Beetles (2 parts) WebinarZoomKaty PottsTanyptera Project
26th November 2020True Bugs WebinarZoomTristan BantockTanyptera Project
20th November 2020Flesh Flies WebinarZoomDaniel WhitmoreTanyptera Project
19th November 2020Where to Find Water Beetles WebinarZoomGarth FosterTanyptera Project
14th November 2020Sawflies WebinarZoomAndrew HalsteadTanyptera Project
3rd November 2020Stoneflies WebinarZoomCraig MacadamTanyptera Project
17th October 2020Millipedes WebinarZoomPaul RichardsTanyptera Project
7th October 2020Pond Invertebrates WebinarZoomArron WatsonTanyptera Project
26th September 2020Introduction to Water Beetles WebinarZoomPeter & Sharon FlintTanyptera Project
18th September 2020DNA Barcoding for Species Identification WebinarZoomJohn WilsonTanyptera Project
12th September 2020Spiders in the Field WebinarZoomRich BurkmarTanyptera Project
17th July 2020The Urban GreenUP Project WebinarZoomStella ShackelTanyptera Project
11th July 2020Longhorn Beetle Identification WebinarZoomKaty PottsTanyptera Project
26th June 2020Cuckoo Bees of the North West WebinarZoomTony ParkerTanyptera Project
24th June 2020The Importance of Invertebrate Recording with RECORD LERC WebinarZoomIona Cowell, Elina Doss & Eric FletcherTanyptera Project
12th June 2020Dragonflies & Damselflies of the North West WebinarZoomTony ParkerTanyptera Project
3rd June 2020Gems in the Dunes WebinarZoomFiona SunnersTanyptera Project
14th May 2020Identifying Common Garden Bees WebinarZoomLeanna Dixon, Chloe Aldridge & Tony ParkerTanyptera Project
13th March 2020An Introduction to Blowfly IdentificationWorld MuseumOlga SivellTanyptera Project
28th February & 6th March 2020DNA BarcodingWorld MuseumJohn WilsonTanyptera Project
22nd February 2020Introduction to Aquatic InvertebratesWorld MuseumArron WatsonTanyptera Project
18th January 2020Moth DissectionWorld MuseumJohn GirdleyTanyptera Project / Lancashire Moth Group
14th December 2019Harvestmen IdentificationWorld Museum Richard GallonTanyptera Project
15th November 2019An Introduction to Aquatic BugsWorld Museum Sharon and Peter FlintTanyptera Project
18th October 2019An Introduction to Dolichopodidae fliesWorld Museum Martin DrakeTanyptera Project
4th October 2019Advanced Mosquito IdentificationWorld Museum Thom DallimoreTanyptera Project / Edge Hill University
14th & 15th September 2019An Introduction to the Identification of SlugsWorld Museum & Sudley HouseChris Du FeuTanyptera Project
16th August 2019An Introduction to the Mason and Leafcutter BeesWorld MuseumTony ParkerWorld Museum
10th August 2019An Introduction to the Identification of Shieldbugs and OrthopteraAinsdale Discovery CentrePhil SmithTanyptera Project
22nd & 23rd June 2019An Introduction to the Identification of Dragonflies & DamselfliesRixton Clay PitsTony ParkerTanyptera Project / World Museum
8th June 2019Field Identification of SpidersRixton Clay PitsRichard BurkmarTanyptera Project
17th & 18th May 2019An Introduction to CentipedesWorld Museum & Sudley HouseTony BarberTanyptera Project
10th May 2019Bumblebee IdentificationWorld MuseumTony ParkerWorld Museum
7th May 2019Bumblebee IdentificationWorld MuseumTony ParkerWorld Museum
3rd May 2019Nomad Bee IdentificationWorld MuseumTony ParkerWorld Museum
26th & 27th April 2019An Introduction to Dung Beetle IdentificationWorld Museum & Gowy MeadowsCeri Watkins & Darren MannTanyptera Project
13th April 2019Nomad Bee IdentificationWorld MuseumTony ParkerWorld Museum
15th March 2019An Introduction to Weevil IdentificationWorld MuseumPeter HodgeTanyptera Project
23rd February 2019Bee IdentificationFalinge Park, RochdaleTony ParkerTanyptera Project / World Museum
22th February 2019An Introduction to Leafhopper IdentificationWorld MuseumAlan StewartTanyptera Project
19th&20th January 2019Bee Identification World MuseumSteven FalkTanyptera Project
18th January 2019Springtails: Advanced IdentificationWorld MuseumPeter ShawTanyptera Project / Collembola Recording Scheme
7th December 2018Money Spider (Linyphiidae) IdentificationWorld MuseumRichard GallonTanyptera Project
15th November 2018An Introduction to Earthworm IdentificationGowy MeadowsMatthew ShepherdTanyptera Project
10th November 2018An Introduction to Moth DissectionLeighton MossJohn GirdleyTanyptera Project / Lancashire Moth Group
3rd November 2018Craneflies with microscopesWorld MuseumPete BoardmanTanyptera Project
13th October 2018An Introduction to Sepsid Fly IdentificationWorld MuseumSteve CrellinTanyptera Project
15th September 2018Plant Gall Identification with MicroscopesWorld MuseumSteve CrossTanyptera Project / World Museum
14th September 2018An Introduction to Plant GallsEastham Park, WirralSteve CrossTanyptera Project / World Museum
7th September 2018An Introduction to the Identification of Mosquitoes (Culicidae)Rixton ClaypitsThom DallimoreTanyptera Project / Edge Hill University
1st September 2018An Introduction to Mite IdentificationWorld MuseumMatthew ShepherdTanyptera Project / Natural England
11th August 2018Shieldbug, Grasshopper and Cricket Field IdentificationAinsdale Discovery Centre and Freshfield Dune HeathPhil SmithTanyptera Project
21st July 2018An Introduction to Solitary WaspsWorld MuseumTony ParkerWorld Museum
7-8th July 2018Dragonfly and Damselfly IdentificationRixton ClaypitsTony ParkerTanyptera Project / World Museum
22nd June 2018An Introduction to Bee IdentificationNESS GardensTony ParkerTanyptera Project / NESS Gardens / World Museum
15th June 2018An Introduction to Field Identification of CranefliesRixton ClaypitsPete BoardmanTanyptera Project / Natural England
2nd June 2018An Introduction to Field Identification of SpidersRixton ClaypitsRichard BurkmarTanyptera Project
2nd June 2018An Introduction to BumblebeesWorld MuseumTony ParkerWorld Museum
28th April 2018Spiders with MicroscopesWorld MuseumRichard BurkmarTanyptera Project
20th April 2018Beetles: Field Techniques for Biological RecordingRixton ClaypitsDon StenhouseTanyptera Project
13th April 2018Nocturnal Parasitic Wasps of the IchneumonoideaWorld MuseumGavin BroadTanyptera Project
31th March 2018An Introduction to Burying BeetlesWorld MuseumAshleigh Whiffin and Matthew EshTanyptera Project / Cofnod / Silphidae Recording Scheme
10th March 2018An Introduction to Soldierflies and AlliesWorld MuseumMartin HarveyTanyptera Project / Soldierflies Recording Scheme
24th February 2018An Introduction to Ground BeetlesWorld MuseumDon StenhouseTanyptera Project
23rd February 2018An Introduction to SpringtailsWorld MuseumPeter ShawTanyptera Project / Collembola Recording Scheme
23rd January 2018iRecord and Pantheon: recording invertebrates and interpreting the resultsWorld MuseumMartin HarveyTanyptera Project
20th January 2018An Introduction to LadybirdsWorld MuseumJeff ClarkeWorld Museum
18th November 2017Curating Invertebrate Reference CollectionsWorld MuseumTony Hunter, Gary HedgesTanyptera Project / World Museum
14th October 2017Pseudoscorpion IdentificationWorld MuseumLiam Andrews and Francis Farr-coxTanyptera Project / COFNOD / British Arachnological Society
9th September 2017Recognising Terrestrial Arthropods World MuseumTony Hunter, Gary HedgesTanyptera Project / World Museum
1st September 2017Insects at LightWorld MuseumGary Hedges, Ian Wallace, Phil Brighton, Tony HunterTanyptera Project / World Museum