Tanyptera Grants

Supporting invertebrate recording and conservation in North West England.


Deadlines None
Decision Three weeks
Maximum awardNormally up to £1,000, but more ambitious projects will be considered
EligibilityIndividuals, recording groups and conservation organisations
Application formWord Doc (63kb)
Priority speciesPDF (0.24mb) or  Annotated Excel Version (0.04 mb) Updated October 2020
Priority groupsPDF (0.13mb) Updated January 2018

We have £10,000 available this year and are keen to award grants of up to £1,000 to:

  •  Increase understanding of the distribution, biology, conservation status and habitat requirements of aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates in NW England.
  • Support training and other personal development for people based in NW England.
  • Assist with the purchase of equipment and reference books for people based in NW England.
  • Promote and publicize invertebrate conservation initiatives in NW England.

Individuals, groups and not-for-profit recording organisations are encouraged to apply. Please contact the Tanyptera Regional Entomologist if you would like to discuss a proposal Gary.hedges@liverpoolmuseums.org.uk. This should relate to Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

Larger projects, requiring additional funding, will be considered in exceptional circumstances. So please do ask.

We are sorry but we do not fund marine projects, activities that have already taken place or proposals which duplicate previous successful applications.

A decision will be made by the Tanyptera Project Steering Group within three weeks of an application being submitted. Unsuccessful proposals can be resubmitted if they have been modified and are responding to feedback.

We would like successful applicants to provide a short written report or a blog about their findings and all reports will be published on this website. The Tanyptera Trust and National Museums Liverpool should be acknowledged in all publicity and publications associated with a project. An annual update will be required for projects spanning more than one year.

Normally payment will be made once a project has been completed but we are happy to consider part, or full payment upfront, where appropriate. We refund mileage at 45p per mile.


– Supporting invertebrate recording and conservation in North West England.

Invertebrate recording
  • Targeted surveys / searches for one or more of the project’s Priority Species: PDF Excel file or Priority Species Groups Priority Invertebrate Groups list .
  • Site, habitat and assemblage surveys.
  • Hosting national recording schemes and society field meetings.
  • Research providing new insight into the ecology, biology or distribution of a species.

Data digitalisation and validation
  • Digitisation and scanning lists, indexes and other historic source material.
  • Researching, compiling and verifying county and vice county checklists.
  • Gathering and updating regional reference lists and Priority Species accounts.

(applicants must be based within NW England)
  • Attending invertebrate related training courses, workshops, seminars and other meetings outside of the region.
  • Running free seminars, conferences or workshops focused on invertebrates and recording.
  • Bursaries to attend specialist society field meetings outside of the region to develop new skills and contacts.

(applicants must be based within NW England)
  • Purchasing books and equipment to support a particular project or a developing interest.

Promoting invertebrate conservation
  • The design and installation of invertebrate-focused interpretation boards on publicly accessible land.
  • Creating or enhancing invertebrate habitats on public land and setting up surveillance recording to measure benefits.
  • Supporting publications specifically relating to North West Invertebrates.

The following projects have been supported by the Tanyptera Trust here.
We want to help you support invertebrate conservation and recording in North West England – please do apply.