The status and distribution of solitary bee Stelis ornatula and solitary wasp Podalonia affinis on the Sefton Coast in 2019


The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester & North Merseyside (Lancashire Wildlife Trust) were commissioned by Liverpool Museum’s Tanyptera project to undertake targeted survey of Nationally Rare (and regionally rare) aculeate bees and wasps on various sites on the Sefton Coast.

  • Podalonia affinis is confirmed as extant on the Sefton Coast; it is definitely present at Ainsdale NNR and is possibly present at Freshfield Dune Heath.
  • Stelis ornatula, Mimesa bruxellensis and Bombus humilis are not confirmed as currently present at the sites surveyed for this report.
  • A total of 141 records were made (see attached data list) of 48 aculeate species. The majority of samples were of aculeate wasps (Sphecidae, Crabronidae and Pompilidae).


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