Morecambe Bay Barred Tooth-striped Moth Survey 2019

A report detailing the results of a 2019 survey (continued from 2018), which used pheromone traps to improve understanding of Barred Tooth-striped moth distribution in the Morecambe Bay areas of North Lancashire and South Cumbria, and beyond into the Lake District and Yorkshire. The survey also included a preliminary mark-release-recapture study (MRR) to estimate populations and assess habitat preferences, and larval searches.

  • Moths were recorded in 28 tetrads, nine of which were new.
  • The MRR survey enabled population estimates to be made for two sites; 438 at Fell End and 240 at Sharp’s Lot.
  • Larval searches: Larvae were solely found on Ash in Lancs but 2 out of 16 were found on Privet in Yorkshire.
  • Results in connection with distribution, foodplant and breeding habitat quality, moth movement, populations, and flight period are all discussed.
  • Opportunities for further study are outlined.
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