Ashton’s Flash, Northwich – An invertebrate survey for the Tanyptera Project and Butterfly Conservation Cheshire and Wirral Branch 2021

The Tanyptera Project commissioned Nigel Jones to undertake an invertebrate survey of Ashton’s Flash. The survey focused on aculeate Hymenoptera and Diptera, with Coleoptera and Araneae from pitfall traps and casual recording of other insects.

587 records of 304 species were recorded, including 248 Diptera species and 56 aculeate Hymenoptera. In addition 50 species of Coleoptera and 23 species of spider, collected from pitfall traps, were recorded by Clive Washington (beetles) and Richard Gallon (spiders).

All the data has been submitted to iRecord, apart from the spider (Araneae) data which has been submitted directly to the Spider Recording Scheme.



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