The Diptera of Lancashire and Cheshire: Picture-wing Flies

This report provides the first regional checklist for the acalyptrate Diptera families Opomyzidae, Pallopteridae, Platystomatidae, Tephritidae and Ulidiidae. These have been collectively termed the “picture-wing” flies because of the attractive wing patterns in most species. Overall statistics on recording activity are given by decade and hectad. Checklists have been compiled for each of the three Watsonian vice-counties 58, 59, and 60 detailing for each species the number of occurrences and the year of earliest and most recent record. A combined checklist showing distribution by the three vice-counties is also included covering a total of 85 species, amounting to 66% of the 2020 British checklist. 5 species have not been recorded since 1970 or earlier, but 35 have been added since.

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Outlines the sources of data and reviews the results, as well as providing an integrated regional checklist.

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Lists for the individual vice counties are split into separate tabs in the same format as Glenn Rostron’s Syrphidae checklist for ease of checking for new species being recorded.

Ref: True Flies

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