Report on surveys for the stonefly Isogenus nubecula Newman and the caddisfly Ylodes simulans (Tjeder) in the River Dee, Cheshire in 2018 and 2019


A report on 2018 & 2019 surveys for Critically Endangered stonefly Isogenus nubecula and Nationally Rare caddis Ylodes simulans in the Cheshire part of the River Dee. Neither species were found in Cheshire but whilst in the area, a trip to look for Y. simulans larvae below Bangor-on-Dee was successful and it was observed for the first time the larvae would only eat live Ranunculus.

In conclusion;

Isogenus nubecula can be classed as probably extinct in Cheshire.

Ylodes simulans may possibly occur in Cheshire but that seems unlikely.

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