Manchester Entomological Society Annual Reports, Proceedings and Transactions 1904-1963 Vols. 1 to 61

The entire series (Vols. 1 to 61) of the Manchester Entomological Society annual reports, proceedings and transactions running from 1904 to 1963 have been digitalised. The hardcopy journals held at Manchester Museum were kindly made available by Dmitri Logunov (Curator of Arthropods) for high quality scanning in 2018, funded by Tanyptera Trust.

Many of the articles within the journals relate to invertebrates found locally in the North West but there are also contributions relating to other areas of the UK and even abroad. Many of the insect species that are mentioned in reports/articles presented in these annual reports are deposited in Manchester Museum and are available by request to the Curator of Arthropods. Reports of meetings and exhibitions, as well as other society information such as lists of presidents and officers, treasurers reports, and rules provide a clear picture of how the now defunct society operated.

The journals are split into 10 searchable PDFs and are available to download via a OneDrive link at the bottom of the page. The first was a hardback book comprising the first 19 volumes and is a large file (162mb), the remaining 9 PDFs are <27mb each. If you have any problems downloading the files, please let us know, and we can get them to you via an alternative method.

More information about Manchester Entomological Society can be found on ResearchGate in a recent freely available paper by Cook and Logunov (2017):

The Manchester Entomological Society (1902-1991) its story and historical context



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