Lancashire and Cheshire (VC58,59,60) Diptera Checklist V2.0

This spreadsheet contains simple lists of all species of Diptera recorded in the three vice-counties 58 (Cheshire), 59 (South Lancashire), 60 (West Lancashire).

The initial list was derived from downloads of VC species lists from the NBN Atlas and IRECORD on 10 and 11 February 2022. Also RECORD, the local biological records centre for Cheshire, kindly supplied their full set of Diptera records for the three VCs as at 10 Feb 2022.

Species names and their allocation to families have been standardised to the British Checklist as updated to January 2020.

Inclusion on this list does not necessarily mean that the original record or records have been verified. Some clearly erroneous records have been omitted from the initial downloads of data.

Further information can be found in the references below, all available via the Northwest Invertebrates website.
Please send details of additions to the list, and of erroneous inclusions and other corrections, to Glenn Rostron (Syrphidae, Dolichopodidae) and Phil Brighton (all other families) at:

All additions should be logged on IRECORD with photographs enabling verification. Some species may require verification of the specimen by a national expert.


Ref: True Flies

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