Lancashire and Cheshire Fauna Society Journals (Excl. non-invert publications) 1914 – 2004

Scanned, searchable, bookmarked PDFs of all publications printed by the Lancashire and Cheshire Fauna Society (LCFS) since its inception in 1914 to the most recent General Report for 2004.

The link below directs you to a OneDrive folder with a list of downloadable PDFs, one for each publication.

Scanning of the printed journals was funded by the Tanyptera Trust, and bookmarked largely by Tanyptera Project staff. We would like to thank LCFS for allowing these scans to be made publicly available. We are also grateful to the late Jimmy Chubb (former World Museum Entomology Department Volunteer and former editor of the journal) for this project, for lending personal copies of volumes not held by World Museum.

It is hoped that an index of all articles, categorised by invertebrate group, can be made available soon to aid searches. Some articles that include checklists have been extracted as standalone documents for each of access.

A full list of LCFS publications is available on the LCFS website

Since 2004 and particularly in recent years, LCFS has produced a series of  invertebrate focused publications, most of which are available to purchase. For more details, go to the LCFS website

LCFS Articles Index_21_22_2022 (excl. publications that don’t feature invertebrate articles)

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