Past Workshops

22nd June 2018An Introduction to Bee IdentificationNESS GardensTony ParkerTanyptera Project / NESS Gardens / World Museum
15th June 2018An Introduction to Field Identification of CranefliesRixton ClaypitsPete BoardmanTanyptera Project / Natural England
2nd June 2018An Introduction to Field Identification of SpidersRixton ClaypitsRichard BurkmarTanyptera Project
2nd June 2018An Introduction to BumblebeesWorld MuseumTony ParkerWorld Museum
28th April 2018Spiders with MicroscopesWorld MuseumRichard BurkmarTanyptera Project
20th April 2018Beetles: Field Techniques for Biological RecordingRixton ClaypitsDon StenhouseTanyptera Project
13th April 2018Nocturnal Parasitic Wasps of the IchneumonoideaWorld MuseumGavin BroadTanyptera Project
31th March 2018An Introduction to Burying BeetlesWorld MuseumAshleigh Whiffin and Matthew EshTanyptera Project / Cofnod / Silphidae Recording Scheme
10th March 2018An Introduction to Soldierflies and AlliesWorld MuseumMartin HarveyTanyptera Project / Soldierflies Recording Scheme
24th February 2018An Introduction to Ground BeetlesWorld MuseumDon StenhouseTanyptera Project
23rd February 2018An Introduction to SpringtailsWorld MuseumPeter ShawTanyptera Project / Collembola Recording Scheme
23rd January 2018iRecord and Pantheon: recording invertebrates and interpreting the resultsWorld MuseumMartin HarveyTanyptera Project
20th January 2018An Introduction to LadybirdsWorld MuseumJeff ClarkeWorld Museum
18th November 2017Curating Invertebrate Reference CollectionsWorld MuseumTony Hunter, Gary HedgesTanyptera Project / World Museum
14th October 2017Pseudoscorpion IdentificationWorld MuseumLiam Andrews and Francis Farr-coxTanyptera Project / COFNOD / British Arachnological Society
9th September 2017Recognising Terrestrial Arthropods World MuseumTony Hunter, Gary HedgesTanyptera Project / World Museum
1st September 2017Insects at LightWorld MuseumGary Hedges, Ian Wallace, Phil Brighton, Tony HunterTanyptera Project / World Museum