NW Invertebrate data on NBN Atlas

Local Environmental Records Centre datasets

Record (Cheshire)

DatasetResolutionRecords uptoNo. RecordsNotes
Aculeate Hymenoptera (bee, wasps and ants) 10 km24/08/201610,217No recorder or abundance info
Butterflies10 km24/08/2016268,930No recorder or abundance info
Coccinellidae (ladybirds)10 km17/08/20168,445No recorder or abundance info
Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies)10 km17/08/201627,353No recorder or abundance info
Orthoptera (Grasshoppers and crickets)10 km17/08/20161,289No recorder or abundance info

Greater Manchester Ecology Unit (GMEU)

DatasetResolutionRecords uptoNo. RecordsNotes
Butterflies10 km18th November 20147641Excludes any Protected, UK Biodiversity Priority Species or any Invasive Non Native Species (as defined by the Environment Agency). No recorder or abundance information.
Species of Conservation Interest in Greater Manchester10 km 29th February 201615062Records of biodiversity priority species and protected species in Greater Manchester not included in other GMEU data sets. Most records do not reate to invertebrates.
Bolton Museum Butterflies10 km20th September 200415275No recorder or abundance information